Jamal Mohamed College (Jamal Mohamed College) was established in 1951 as an affiliated university of the University of Madras, then in 1982, under the Tiruchirappalli Bharathidasan University. Jamal Mohamed College is located in the central part of Tamil Nadu, Tiruchirapally. When it was founded, it was a religious minority institution whose main goal was to provide higher education to the oppressed and socially backward sectors of society, especially the Muslim minority. The college is managed by the Jamal Muhammad College Association. It is built on 87 acres of land and is a religious minority institution. Hajee M. Jamal Mohamed Sahib and Janab N.M. Khajamian Rowther, who are still fresh in memory, are the founders

In 1957, the university won the honor of being the 30 best universities in India. At that time, the Dandy Foundation (Dan Fourth Foundation) selected the university as the grantor of American research scholarships. In 1963, the university was upgraded to a post-university graduate school. In 1972, the university was accredited by the New Delhi UGC in accordance with the provisions of Section 2(F) and 12(B) of the University Grants Committee Act 1956. In 1977, on the recommendation of the University of Madras, the UGC recognized the college as one of the ten “first-class colleges” in the university district.of the organization.By providing students with value-added and social-related programs, including social minorities, backward groups and socially disadvantaged groups, become a world-class, highly acclaimed, innovative and competitive higher education academic and academic excellence center. Read more