What is a fundraising campaign?

A fundraiser is a plan to collect voluntary donations by involving your friends and family. The funds raised by these campaigns will be used to feed the children who benefit from Nal Ullangal school lunch program. You can conduct online fundraising activities on the website.

Once you have selected a fundraising idea and completed the required procedures, your campaign will begin to take effect. You can then share it on your social media channels to build awareness about this and motivate people to donate to the event.

You can celebrate special occasions-birthdays, anniversaries, etc. with us by launching fundraising activities. You can also determine the amount of charitable fundraising you want to raise.


log in or register and create an online fundraising campaign by filling in the required details to start the campaign.
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Build awareness

After creating an event, share the link on Facebook, Twitter and other social media channels and let your friends know.
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Tell your friends and family that they can support Nal Ullangal by donating money for your purposeful campaign.
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Make an impact

Know that all the money you raise through the campaign will be used to provide nutritious meals for school children every day!
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